Our Story

Hi – this is us, Stefanie and Joe. I’m a mum of two (you can see the family resemblance in this one here) and proud owner of Fillable.

This page is about telling our story, I’ll try to keep it short!

Like many people all over the world I am concerned about the damage being caused to the natural world through climate change, waste and in particular, plastic. Knowing that all of the plastic ever produced is still on this earth in some form prompted me to make more changes at home. We had always been a resourceful family and conscious of minimising our waste probably more through necessity than conscience, but reducing our use of packaging seemed like the next logical step. 

It wasn’t easy at first but, over time, I found easy swaps and the changes became the norm. I wanted to do more, to make the journey a bit shorter for anyone with a desire to change.

We can’t change everything, but we can change some things and what matters is making a start.

Welcome to Fillable.

Community based, local ‘shop’ offering sustainable alternatives to everyday items. On a mission to buy from local businesses who share our vision for a more sustainable world.


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