Welcome to Fillable.
A local & online refill ‘shop’ offering
sustainable alternatives to everyday items.

COVID-19 Update

We are currently trading at our Rowsham concession and online only (free local delivery as usual). Our online store is open, so please click below to order.

Welcome to Fillable...

Fillable is a low waste pop-up shop, operating around our local area of North Buckinghamshire. We encourage customers to come and refill their own containers with dried food and cleaning products to avoid buying single use packaged items. You can bring a tupperware dish, an empty washing-up liquid bottle, a knitted hat or whatever you already have at home.

We have an outlet in Wild Raven Farm Shop and stock loose, dried food such as pasta, rice, cereal, fruit, sugar, snacks, tea and coffee for refill. We also dispense cleaning products. Fillable operates on the basis of refill, reuse, reduce. It’s about buying only what you need.

We also offer a range of household and personal care products which avoid the need for single use plastic, to help you make the switch to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

It’s not ‘all or nothing’. Start somewhere. Use up what you have.
Refill, reuse, reduce, repair, refuse, recycle. Make small sustainable changes.

How to shop with Fillable

In Store

Wild Raven Farm Shop

Off the A418, Rowsham, Bucks, HP22 4QP

opening 3rd october!

Wednesday: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Thursday: 9:30am – 7:00pm
Friday: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 3:00pm


Our online shop is now open!

Free local delivery, plus UK-wide courier delivery

Our Pop-ups

Suspended until further notice


Methodist Church

1st Thursday of the Month

3:30pm – 6pm

Suspended until further notice


Local Produce Market

3rd Saturday of the Month

9am – 1pm

Suspended until further notice


Methodist Church

4th Thursday of the Month

2:45pm – 6pm

More+ Coffee Shop

36 Parton Rd, Aylesbury HP20 1NG

1st February & 7th March


How does it work?

First, hand us your empty container to weigh – this will tell us your container’s tare (empty) weight. Any clean and dry container will do – plastic, glass, whatever you have. Now, we fill your container and weigh it again so you only pay for the contents. Our till will calculate your prices and you can pay by cash or card.

Proud #justacard supporters!

By shopping with Fillable, you are helping to support a small local business and many others too!


If you see this symbol in our shop, you’ll know we’ve sourced that product from another small, local and innovative business.

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